Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort denied reports that influential Republicans are planning an "intervention" for the candidate amid a week of controversies and bad poll numbers..

Appearing on Fox News, Manafort said that the reports of an intervention were untrue, adding that it was the first time he's heard of any such thing. He also insisted that Trump himself is in control of the campaign while pushing back against the idea that he has lost control of the operation, contrary to reports from earlier in the week.

"This is the first I'm hearing of that ... the campaign is focused," Manafort told host Jon Scott. "The campaign is moving forward in a positive way. The only need we have for an intervention is maybe with some media types who keep saying things that aren't true."

"The candidate is in control of his campaign, that's No. 1, and I'm in control of doing the things he wants me to do in the campaign," Manafort said. "The turmoil, this is another Clinton narrative that she put out there and that the media is picking up on."

The campaign chairman's comments came a day after Trump said he was yet endorsing House Speaker Paul Ryan, Arizona Sen. John McCain or New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte. He told the Washington Post that he's "not quite there" yet on supporting Ryan, which came on the heels of him tweeting out a supportive message to his opponent, Paul Nehlen.

Trump has also courted controversy by feuding with a Gold Star family after Khrizr Khan's speech before the Democratic National Convention last week. Manafort said that Trump and the campaign sympathize but the real issue is the policies which led to Khan's son's death in the first place.

"The candidate wanted to make clear of two things on the Khan situation and we've put it behind us, quite frankly. One is that he does sympathize with the family for the loss," Manafort said. "But two, he's more concerned with what caused that loss, which is the failed policies of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama that led to the rise of [the Islamic State], led to the destabilization of the situation there, and caused the deaths of many other American family's sons and daughters. That's what he was talking about."