A District man was sentenced Friday to 18 years in prison for a 2010 Northwest D.C. murder that he committed to avenge his brother's slaying, officials said.

Joseph McCrae, 24, was sentenced in D.C. Superior Court on a charge of second-degree murder while armed. He pleaded guilty in June, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Prosecutors said that McCrae is a member of a criminal street gang centered in the area of 17th and Euclid streets NW. His brother was killed in December 2008, and a member of a rival group that his based in the area of 14th and Girard streets NW was charged for the crime but wasn't prosecuted for it.

McCrae has previously been convicted for weapons and other offenses and was incarcerated from late 2008 until about April 2010. Weeks after his return to the District -- on July 10, 2010 -- McCrae and several other members of his crew were in a vehicle near 11th Street and Columbia Road NW when McCrae ordered the driver to stop, exited the vehicle and shot at two men who were walking.

Jonathan Estep, 24, was struck multiple times and later died, and the other man was injured. When McCrae got back into the vehicle, he said something along the lines of "on my brother," officials said. Estep has no known connection to McCrae's brother's slaying other than that he had ties to the same neighborhood as the person who was originally charged in connection with the incident.