The majority of Wisconsin Republican voters said they would be "concerned" or "scared" if GOP front-runner Donald Trump was elected president, according to a CNN exit poll released late Tuesday.

A net 55 percent of primary voters reacted negatively to the idea of the Manhattan businessman winning the Oval Office in November compared to the 43 percent who would be "excited" or "optimistic" about a Trump administration.

Second-ranked Ted Cruz performed best of the three GOP candidates still in the race. A net 61 percent of respondents viewed a Cruz presidency as a good thing while 37 percent voiced opposition.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich settled in between the Texas senator and NY billionaire. Kasich roped in 48 percent of voters who felt good about him winning the November election, just one point more than the 47 percent who would be concerned with that outcome.

The majority of conservatives, 52 percent, also said they feel betrayed by Republican politicians. Cruz supporters were the most disappointed, more so than backers of Trump or Kasich.

A net 42 percent of Cruz's crew said yes compared to 39 percent for Trump and 17 percent for Kasich.