It’s one thing for conservatives in red states to oppose Obamacare, but a July 8 Rasmussen poll found that even a majority of voters in deep blue Maryland want to get rid of President Obama’s signature domestic initiative.

Although 57 percent of Marylanders still approve of Obama’s overall performance, 51 percent want to  deep-six his health care reform law  -  with 41 percent “strongly” in favor of repeal – just four months after it passed in March. This in a state that gave Obama a 26-point margin of victory over John McCain in 2008.

Nationwide, 61 percent of voters expect that the cost of health care will rise under Obamacare – even though the measure was supposed to reduce the nation’s crippling health care costs. The pocketbook squeeze will affect a lot of middle-class voters in Maryland who enthusiastically voted for Obama.

In another sign of rising Democratic discontent with the administration, 49 percent of Marylanders say they are in favor of an Arizona-like law to control illegal immigration in their sanctuary state – the same law that’s being challenged in court by Obama’s Department of Justice.