One day after announcing his presidential campaign, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie picked up the endorsement of an influential New England governor.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage, for whom Christie campaigned in 2014, officially pledged his support to Christie on Wednesday morning, and said, "Christie is the real deal."

LePage spoke about Christie's support throughout the years, before taking questions together with Christie, according to WCSH in Portland, Maine. The two gathered at Becky's Diner, a place where Christie campaigned for LePage last year.

LePage's support marks the first endorsement of a Republican presidential contender by a current governor, as Christie reportedly pointed out, according to the Portland Press Herald.

"To receive an endorsement from someone who knows what it's like to run a blue state, who knows what it's like to make tough decisions, who knows what it's like to engage in hand-to-hand combat to try to get things done for the people who elect you — to get an endorsement today from Paul LePage is an incredible honor," Christie said.

After becoming the 14th Republican to enter the GOP field on Tuesday, Christie headed to New Hampshire. Christie will likely lean heavily on New Hampshire as he works to forge a path to the nomination.