Maine Gov. Paul LePage said Wednesday that he has quit talking to the press after reporters picked up on a rumor he started that he might resign.

"I will no longer speak to the press ever again after today," LePage said. "And I'm serious. Everything will be put into writing. I'm tired of being caught in the gotcha moments."

LePage has been bombarded with calls to resign following an obscenity-laced voicemail he left for state Rep. Drew Gattine last week. He also has faced harsh criticism for his controversial remarks linking minorities to being violent and drug dealers.

LePage did officially apologize to both Gattine and his Maine constituents for some of his comments.

"To the Maine people, I am asking for forgiveness. Comments I have expressed recently are unacceptable, and I apologize sincerely for using such disrespectful language as your Governor," LePage said in an official statement from his office. "Also, I would like to express an apology to the Gattine family. I understand how hurtful statements affect a family and regret that my words have upset your lives. For this I am truly sorry."

But he has also said he will not seek "professional help" despite pressure from fellow Republicans, and will instead seek "spiritual guidance" with his wife and children.

"I will not resign," the Republican added after a meeting with state Rep. Drew Gattine, according to the Boston Globe.