Donald Trump was greeted by a woman in Louisiana on Friday who said his presence in the Bayou State made her losses in the recent floods all worthwhile.

Trump and his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, toured the disaster-stricken area around Baton Rouge. Trump approached a throng of fans outside one stop and began signing autographs when one particularly emotional woman began calling to him.

The unidentified redheaded woman who heaped praise on Trump was caught on camera by news cameras and the GOP nominee's presidential campaign.

"We lost everything, but we knew you would come. This makes it all worthwhile," the woman said.

Trump appeared to autograph a hat for the woman and then asked her, "Are you alright?" The woman responded, "We're alright, we're alright."

Trump has sometimes preached a message sounding like a prosperity gospel to his supporters, and some of his supporters describe him as their "daddy." In a fundraising solicitation Trump wrote last August, the future GOP nominee asked for cash and noted his ability to resurrect the American dream and make his donors rich.

On Friday, Trump saw the damage to homes and families caused by the area's recent flooding. Trump sought to capitalize on President Obama's absence from the area stricken by the natural disaster, and reportedly trashed Obama while visiting a Louisiana church.

"The president says he doesn't want to come. He is trying to get out of a golf game," Trump said at the church, according to ABC News.

As Trump and Pence toured the disaster-stricken area, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton placed a call to Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat. The Clinton campaign sent out an email following the call, urging supporters to donate to two organizations cited by the governor: the Red Cross and Baton Rouge Area Foundation.

Trump's visit to the area and Clinton's decision to help raise money for victims of the disaster show a contrast between the two campaigns' styles and what they think will be effective at reaching new voters.