Any possible shred of doubt remaining in anybody's mind about former Senate GOP leader Trent Lott's true allegiance have now been definitively removed: Lott is a paid tool of the Washington Establishment who hates the Tea Party and all other insurgents who have had it with politics-as-usual.

"We don't need a lot of Jim DeMint disciples. As soon as they get here, we need to co-opt them," Lott told The Washington Post in an incredibly revealing story.

Sen. Jim DeMint, of course, is the South Carolina conservative Republican who last year formed the Senate Conservatives Fund to back precisely the kind of insurgent conservative Senate candidates most feared by the Lotts of the world.

Lott's quote points to the all-too-familiar GOP-losers mentality that GOP officials can just go on as they did in the years before they lost their congressional majorities in the Senate and House, talking the talk of limited government but not doing anything concrete or permanent to make it a reality.

Thus, the Lotts of the GOP world, according to the Post, "see plenty of good in the tea party, but they also see reasons to worry." It's the same old story that such GOPers want the votes of "the base" but they don't want to do what the Tea Partiers and a clear majority of their fellow Americans, want them to do.

No wonder, as the Post's Shailagh Murray put it: "some Republicans worry that tea-party candidates are settling too comfortably into their roles as unruly insurgents and could prove hard to manage if they get elected."

And what might that worry be? Why, that Tea Party backed Senate GOP candidates like Rand Paul in Kentucky, Ken Buck in Colorado, and Sharron Angle in Nevada won't roll over and do what they are told by their betters in the congressional GOP leadership if they get to the nation's capitol.

In other words, they might actually come to D.C. determined to do exactly what voters sent them here to do, which is to shake this place to its foundations in the campaign to restore and reinvigorate the American republic.

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