Searchers on Alaska's Bear Glacier tried to reach a pair of stranded skiers Monday but had to bed down for the night. That had only increased worries about Jennifer Neyman and Christopher Hanna's health in an unforgiving landscape, about 4,300 feet above sea level.

The two had been stranded when the weather took a violent turn Friday and were reportedly running low on basic supplies. Whether or not they could make it another day was an open question.

Fortunately, the National Guard pararescuers managed to hike the rest of the way to the pair on Tuesday and locate them with the aid of a homing beacon.

Weather Tuesday also cooperated enough for the guardsmen to dig the two out of their makeshift snow cave, dug after high winds shredded their tent. After evaluating the pair on scene, rescuers airlifted them off of the glacier to Central Peninsula Hospital.

Neyman and Hanna are apparently in good health and high spirits. The AP reported that a spokeswoman for the hospital said Hanna felt so good he didn't even bother to check in. Neyman was still being evaluated but to all appearances would be just fine.

Human ingenuity 1, nature 0.