JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — A look at the Republican and Democratic candidates on Tuesday's ballot in Alaska's U.S. House race:


CANDIDATES: U.S. Rep. Don Young; John R. Cox, Terre Gales.

DETAILS: Young is seeking his 21st term as Alaska's sole U.S. House member, saying he's good at what he does. Known for his gruff, shoot-from-the-hip style, Young holds a huge advantage over the rest of the current field in terms of money and name recognition.


Young: "We have a president who is hell-bent on locking up Alaska through over-regulation and delaying or stopping almost all resource development. We also have countless federal bureaucrats who don't understand Alaska and believe they know how to raise our children better than we do. ... Throughout my career I have striven to represent not just one region, but all of Alaska."

Cox: "I believe that lobbyists have gained too much influence over congressional actions, to the detriment of the people of America and our Republican party. My ethics require me to serve the will of the people, not the will of the lobbyists. From this, I cannot be dissuaded."

Gales did not provide an election pamphlet statement, and efforts to reach Gales were not successful.


CANDIDATES: Debra Chesnut, State Rep. Sharon Cissna, Matt Moore, Doug Urquidi, Frank Vondersaar.

DETAILS: Cissna served seven terms in the state House, representing Anchorage but her refusal last year to undergo a pat-down at a Seattle-area airport made national news. She says she's not worried if people view her as a one issue candidate — that issue being fighting back against the federal Transportation Security Administration — saying her only worries are doing the best job she can and upholding the constitution. Moore and Chesnut have raised the most money among Democrats, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission.


Chesnut: "Our pressing needs are lower energy costs, adequate health care, maintaining a strong economy and sustainable development of our natural resources. All Alaskans deserve the best representation possible on the national level and I'm the one to do that."

Cissna: "Protection of security, our people's health, safety and Constitutional rights must be restored. I pledge work as a bipartisan team member to listen, then work for productive and locally efficient growth in Alaskan economic, social and long-term well-being."

Moore: "I have made tough decisions in the boardrooms, trimmed budgets and held people accountable for their actions. I will use my experience as a businessman and an Alaskan to improve life in Alaska."

Urquidi: "I believe each and every Alaskan deserves to share in the resources and wealth of Alaska. ... It's time we start thinking outside the box."

Vondersaar: "I will work to improve our economy while reversing welfare for the wealthy and corporations, to make college and vocational training more affordable and to support energy independence and a clean, safe environment."


Source: Quotes from candidate election pamphlet statements.