Next Wednesday, D.C.'s local Log Cabin Republicans will meet to discuss whether the group should endorse a candidate in this year's presidential cycle -- a first for the group, president Robert Turner believes. The national LCRs famously did not offer an endorsement of George W. Bush in 2004.

Turner tells Yeas & Nays that he expects between 20 and 40 attendees at the local meeting. Part of the national endorsement is based on input from chapters like D.C.'s (plus an assessment of the nominee's record on equality legislation and his viability as a candidate). One factor not in consideration, according to Turner: a petition addressed to the LCRs from Mitt Gets Worse, an organization dedicated to showing that Mitt Romney has a poor record on LGBT issues. LCRs support equal rights for all Americans.

In a letter to the Log Cabin Republicans, two Mitt Gets Worse chairmen implore the group to withhold its endorsement of Romney. But they shouldn't have wasted their time.

"Petitions from leftist groups are not received or factored into the process," Turner said.