National Harbor, MD - Third ballot results:

Priebus 54
Steele 33
Wagner 32
Cino 28
Anuzis 21
Recap: Priebus stays put. Steele slips, and dashes out of the hall. Cino and Anuzis drop a bit, too. Wagner emerges from pack.
Michael Steele was spied making a sort of mad dash from the floor.  “I don’t know if it was a bathroom break” or signs of political intrigue a friend observed.  Politico’s Jonathan Martin “tweets:” “Michael Steele and Ann Wagner just walked together into a private room off the meeting floor labeled ‘Reserved’” 
The “islands” were also seen huddling in a corner. This is a significant chunk or RNC members from the various U.S. territories, who have equal votes each with California and Texas. They have been Steele loyalists, and he’s rewarded them. No DC RNC members were seen in that scrum, though.  If they move as a bloc, the picture could re-shape dramatically.

Wagner is emerging as the go to second choice, eclipsing Anuzis, who became a popular second choice two years ago.

Fouth ballot coming in shortly.