National Harbor, MD - Here in the bowels of the behemoth Gaylord Convention National Resort and Convention Center, the Republican National Committee is meeting to election its chairman.

Here’s the second ballot:
Priebus 52
Steele 37
Cino 30
Wagner 27
Anuzis 22
Priebus gains about as much as Steele slips, confirming predictions that Steele’s vote was soft, and only for show (of loyalty to those whose state parties he’d helped.) on the first ballot.
Still up in the air as to be second choice candidate this year. Wagner holds and gains three. Cino and Anuzis both lose a couple of votes.  
Slate’s Dave Weigel sniffs out a “Priebus conspiracy” involving positiong Maria Cino, or maybe setting her up?  At least that’s what Saul Anuzis is feeding him. The room is anticipating potential significant movement in the third ballot results, to come shortly. Nobody seems willing to drop out yet.