National Harbor, MD - Missouri GOP veteran Ann Wagner addressed the committee and releases her supporters, and allows them to “do as they feel they should do, in their heart.” Cue the obligatory “standing o.”

Sixth ballot results:
Reince Priebus 80 (+13) (+22 votes since 4th ballot)
Maria Cino 34 (-6) (+5 since 4th)
Saul Anuzis 37 (+5) (+8 since 4th)
Ann Wagner 17 (-11) (-11 since 4th)
Fifth ballot results:
Reince Priebus 67 (+9)
Maria Cino 40 (+11)
Saul Anuzis 32 (+3)
Ann Wagner 28 (no change)
1 ballot spoilt
Maria Cino went two steps forward on the fifth ballot, thanks to Steele’s endorsement at the dais, and then one step back on the sixth ballot.  Priebus is getting there; steady growth on both ballots; he’s now only five short of the 85 votes need for a majority.  
Anuzis’ folks seem like they’re sticking thier man, and picking up some strays.  Wagner froze on the fifth ballot, then thawed and 11 votes melted away.
The buzz in the hall seems to think that Priebus has momentum.  Five votes can’t be that difficult to sway to his side, unless every vote Priebus doesn’t have is a Steele bitterender.