A sample of the items on display in New York's Capitol and its attached Empire State Plaza:

—Military uniforms, including an 1855 "chapeau-bras" hat, a 1943 "Ike" jacket with stripes and ribbons worn by a New Yorker and a Revolutionary War soldier's kit with a canteen, ammunition, powder horn and haversack.

—A massive 1813 portrait of President George Washington that dominates the main public entrance to the Capitol.

—Handwritten letters from Gov. Theodore Roosevelt and documents signed by Attorney General Martin Van Buren, the future president.

—A Revolutionary War musket.

—Gen. Benedict Arnold's treason papers.

—American flags dating to 1861.

—Critical documents leading to providing women the right to vote and other artifacts from the suffrage movement.

—Artifacts of the Legislative Correspondents Association featuring exploits of some historic reporters and a 1943 letter from President Franklin Roosevelt to his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, about the death of a reporter.

—Some of the earliest worker protections born of the labor movement dating to 1911.

—A 1966 Harley-Davidson motorcycle used by State Police, a rickety looking 1924 Ford TT "Runabout" truck used on upstate farms, a 1908 Model K car sold by Sears & Roebuck, a 1931 Pierce-Arrow limousine built in Buffalo to carry seven passengers in style and a 1932 Packard Phaeton purchased by Gov. Franklin Roosevelt to use in Albany. It was used in 1982 to transport Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus of the Netherlands when they visited Albany.