Since learning she'll soon be a jailbird, actress Lindsay Lohan has tried dazzling her Twitter followers with her keen understanding of the legal system. She tweeted passages of a 2002 paper from Cato Institute entitled "Time to Undo the Unjust Sentencing Guidelines" on Wednesday.

But Cato scholars aren't sure how exactly the paper applies to her case. "I don't think we should treat her Twitterstream the way we would a law review article," explained Cato Senior Fellow Walter Olson. "She feels that she's been treated harshly, this paper makes a not-exactly-related case that some of the federal sentencing on the books was too harsh."

And unfortunately for Lohan, the eight-year-old paper isn't exactly relevant.

"Since that paper was published, the Supreme Court revisited the issue and basically agreed with the paper -- it is too harsh to apply these mechanically, from now on it's going to be advisory and judges don't have to follow them -- so that's good news if she's aware of it at all," Olson said. "On the other hand, since she's gotten this particular judge mad at her, it may not do her any good at all."

Lohan was sentenced Tuesday to 90 days in jail for violating her probation in a 2007 drug case.