The Libertarian Party ticket of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld took in $2.9 million during the first two weeks of August, more than Johnson raised during his entire 2012 campaign, according to FEC data.

Though the campaign has yet release its July fundraising numbers, it said it took in $1.5 million in just one day in August. The campaign will report their July numbers later this month.

The Johnson campaign held an August 15 event dubbed the "$15 on the 15th," an effort to get Johnson to the 15 percent support needed in national polling to qualify for the upcoming presidential debates.

During the two week period overall, more than 90,000 people contributed an average of $32 online, the campaign said.

"The fact that we received more than 90,000 individual small contributions is overwhelming, and a major boost for the campaign," Johnson said in a statement. "It is increasingly clear that a great many Americans, from across the political spectrum, are ready to join our effort to offer an experienced, credible alternative to the polarizing nominees of the Republican and Democratic parties."

In June, the campaign took in just $664,000.

Johnson still struggles with cash compared to the other presidential campaigns: Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has raised more than $270 million and GOP nominee has raised $91 million.

Johnson also consistently continues to miss the 15 percent polling threshold he's hoping to reach. According to RealClearPolitics, he currently polls at 8.5 points.