Walmart is already helping D.C. residents

Re: "D.C. residents turn a wary eye to Walmart's job promises," Aug. 2

While I can only speak on behalf of Covenant House Washington, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have been championing our young people, many of whom are homeless, for many years. Through their support, we have been able to provide work force opportunities and job skill training to many young residents in Washington, D.C.

Most recent and notable, Walmart, and the Walmart Foundation have partnered with Covenant House Washington to implement the Washington@Work program. This program provides a means for participants to develop skills necessary for success in areas such as customer service, hospitality, retail, culinary and building maintenance.

Our partnership has been able to help young D.C. residents gain access to education and economic opportunities for a healthier, happier, more successful life. Building a career is a luxury that not all of us are fortunate enough to pursue, but organizations such as Walmart are here to lend a helping hand.

With the city's unemployment rate currently at 9.3 percent, and the unemployment rate for the young people who seek our services at 85 percent, it is now more crucial than ever to help them succeed and thrive in the workplace.

Walmart has been a true champion for Covenant House Washington. I hope other businesses emulate them and support Washington residents most in need of a "hand up."

Daniel J. Brannen

Executive director,

Covenant House Washington

Deadliest mass shooting happened at Va. Tech

Re: "Real heroes wear badges, not capes," Aug. 2

Is April 16, 2007, so quickly forgotten? Thirty-two human lives were lost and another 17 people were wounded in the deadliest mass shooting incident in American history. Yet Joseph Summerill seems to have completely overlooked Virginia Tech in his Aug. 2 Op-Ed.

He also did not include the 13th death caused by the Aurora shooter's rampage -- the precious baby lost in a miscarriage caused by wounds inflicted on the mother.

Let's pay more attention to details next time and less time trying to make a point.

Phillip Denby

Falls Church

Ryan is GOP version of William Proxmire

The Democrats already have their pitchforks and hangman's nooses out for Paul Ryan, a reinvention of former U.S. Sen. William Proxmire.

Proxmire was also a fiscal conservative from Wisconsin, but nobody from either major party attacked him with any of the political vulgarities now being recklessly and irresponsibly thrown at Ryan. Instead, Proxmire was greatly admired for his keen sense of fiscal responsibility and restraint.

If the Romney-Ryan team gets elected in November, I hope Paul Ryan will resume Sen. Proxmire's tradition of presenting the "Golden Fleece Award" to the federal government agency making the most ridiculous and wasteful expenditure of our tax dollars.

Lawrence K. Marsh