Suicide prevention is not Metro's job Re: "Metro suicide-prevention plans minimized while deaths mount," July 1 Why should Metro be responsible for spending any time or money in an attempt to prevent suicides on its properties?It seems that their budget is taxed enough without wasting more money on what will undoubtedly be a futile attempt to improve their image. If anyone is expecting station employees to spot potential suicides, don't hold your breath.It's hard enough to get them out of their booths to assist a confused rider buy a fare card or help a tourist with directions. I'veseen many more people helped by other citizens than I have seen helped by Metro employees, who are usually oblivious to what's going on in their stations.If they're required to lift a finger in a suicide prevention effort, the numbers will stay the same. Scott Wathne

Labor secretary supports illegal immigration Re: "Obama's Department of (illegal immigrant) Labor," June 27 Labor Secretary Hilda Solis completely disregards our immigration laws, has opposed establishing a safe border with Mexico, and is now encouraging illegal immigration. Her outreach to illegal immigrants offers them the same fair wages as U.S. citizens in spite of our double-digit unemployment. Her department's support for illegal immigrants working in the Gulf Coast includes promising them protection and safety from the law.This is just another example of how the liberal Obama administration caters to illegal immigrants. What's next? Blanket amnesty for the millions of illegals already in this country? November midterm elections are coming soon and it's time to let the Obama administration know that these are not the changes we want. Enough is enough. Al Eisner
Silver Spring

Modesty is the best policy Re: "Say what?" and "Happy Birthday," June 30 Your layout editor obviously has a sense of humor, juxtaposing photos of Taylor Lautner in Scoop's "Say What" next to Michael Phelps in "Happy Birthday." The editor at least had the good taste tofind shirted photos of each of them, howeverraresuch photos are thought to be. Dino Drudi