Say yes to Republican nominee to elections board Re: "Togo West is not enough," July 28 The 30,000 registered Republicans in D.C. encourage members of the D.C. Council to act immediately on Mayor Adrian Fenty's nomination of Mital Gandhi to the Board of Elections and Ethics, which has been without a Republican member since 2008. The Committee on Government Operations and the Environment recommended Gandhi to the full council. We believe it has an obligation to call for a special session to act on his nomination.

We are weeks away from important elections and, with the pending resignation of the board's chairman, this critical agency will be unable to conduct business because of lack of a quorum. This is totally unacceptable.

Every mayor since Home Rule has nominated -- and the council has confirmed -- a Republican to the board, which is necessary for an effective election system that District residents deserve. We strongly encourage council members to approve Gandhi's nomination.

Robert J. Kabel Chairman, District of Columbia Republican Committee Say no to Obama's Supreme Court nominee Virginia Sens. Jim Webb and Mark Warner will vote on Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, who chased military recruiters off Harvard's campus, worked to curb self-defense gun rights, and promoted late-term abortion. As solicitor general, Kagan supervised the Justice Department's defense against Virginia's challenge to the individual mandate. Will she recuse herself from cases deciding Obamacare?

Kagan advised President Clinton to allow cloning human beings for the sole purpose of killing them in research. The Human Rights Campaign, which wants same-sex imitations of marriage, homosexual adoption, and transgender, cross-dressing teachers for our children, supports Kagan. Goldman Sachs gave her $10,000 for serving on its Global Markets Research Advisory Council.

Webb and Warner should not confirm a nominee who believes it is unconstitutional for individual Americans to defend themselves, and whose idea of justice is punishing military recruiters for obeying a law that barred active homosexuals from service. History never gives good press to those who wash their hands of public responsibility.

Del. Bob Marshall, R-Manassas
Virginia House of Delegates

Democrats, media didn't heed Bush's warning Re: "Stop blaming Bush for financial meltdown," From Readers, July 23 Thank you, J.P. Carrigan, for reminding us of President Bush's efforts to curtail spending that the Democratic Congress started imposing on us since 2007. "A house for everyone" was a slogan that emerged under President Clinton.

Bush issued the warning regarding Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, but powerful legislators like Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., opposed any controls over their friends. The media never supported Bush in this effort, but tried to undermine him instead.

Too bad for all of us.

Margaret Young