Taxpayers are weary of Weast's demands Re: "MontCo schools chief on the way out," July 18 For several years, I have been dismayed at Dr. Jerry Weast's repetitive raids on Montgomery County's treasury. The school budget now comprises over 50 percent of the total county budget.

His arrogance in pressing his excessive demands with a school board that backs him up without question sets a new standard for hubris, while other county services -- including the libraries -- have been starved.

Apparently Dr. Weast has no concept of the county's present budgetary crisis, nor is he willing to make other than the minimal concessions. I hope that the citizens of Montgomery County finally wake up and demand that his outrageously priced contract not be renewed.

Nelson Marans
Silver Spring

Memphis mayor miffed at White House snub Re: "Newsmakers: Willie Herenton," July 15 While buried as a "Newsmakers" item, it is significant that Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton feels scorned by the White House after failing to earn the endorsement of Barack Obama in his bid for the Democratic nomination for a congressional seat currently held by Rep. Stephen Cohen, D-Tenn.

Obama not only spurned Memphis' first black mayor, but has endorsed the ultra-liberal Cohen in the primary for Tennessee's 9th congressional district. Cohen, a Memphis native, is also the first Jewish congressman to represent the Volunteer State and the first Jew to represent a majority black district.

Cohen earned Herenton's endorsement in 2006, and prior to securing victory, vowed to become the first white member of the Congressional Black Caucus. But he abandoned this quest when told by CBC members they would not allow his entry based upon race.

Obama's endorsement of Cohen is a rather obvious if paltry attempt to repair the rift between himself and the Jewish community.

Sanford D. Horn

Midterm election good time to clean House Re: "White House hits the panic button on fall elections," July 13 Democrats are steadily losing the support of many independent voters. Sixty-two percent of Americans firmly believe that the Obama administration is moving in the wrong direction, and even White House press secretary Robert Gibbs recently admitted that Republicans could win control of the House. The Democrat-dominated Congress has one of the lowest approval rates in decades.

Obama's failed policies include the economy, the unpopular health care laws ramrodded through Congress, the handling of the BP oil spill, and his views on illegal immigration.

It's time to clean House in November, replace the liberals with solid conservative Republicans and take back our country.

Al Eisner
Silver Spring