Dr. Berwick will take away even more of our liberty Re: "GOP spoiling for fight over Berwick appointment," July 23 Dr. Donald Berwick -- who was chosen to run Medicare/Medicaid, an agency larger than the Defense Department -- has clearly stated views of government that are admired by our president and his colleagues on the left. If Dr. Berwick's views are not blatantly socialist, I don't know what the word means. His vision is of well-intentioned, academically smart, elite leaders guiding, directing and forcing us, if need be, to do what they envision as the good. Liberty takes a back seat. Obamacare will add 3,000 pages to the 75,000 pages of U.S. laws, and regulatory agencies will multiply them tenfold.

The left shrugs. The right is horrified.

As a physician, I cannot work in Virginia even though I am licensed there because the left argues that the commonwealth needs only so many radiologists per 100,000 population. Thousands of invasive, liberty-destroying, statist rules like this already exist in health care. A tsunami of more awaits us all as Obamacare unfolds.

It's our choice this November. Is this leftist president and his socialist head of Medicare the change we have been waiting for?

Howard Sachs

Military-industrial complex backs up American debt Re: "Our national debt would horrify the Founders," editorial, July 23 Our national debt of almost $14 trillion is money we owe to other nations, institutions, etc. via a huge credit card in the sky. This credit card remains viable for a singular reason: a military hegemony we hold, for good or bad, as the most powerful nation in history.

We keep sweeping our annual deficits under the rug, cross our fingers and hope our creditors, including China, don't call up our debt. But their "collection agency" remains muted because their manufacture of quality goods depends on currency stabilization, i.e., "unfair trade imbalances."

Your editorial states that our "children and grandchildren will still be paying off this debt decades later." But no one has officially assigned or bared this debt, nor is this burden understood. Can we simply keep sweeping it under the rug? Thanks to a strong military-industrial complex, the dollar stays strong amid unstable currencies. Perhaps this "misunderstanding" will prevail and we'll just keep "sweeping."

Edward Abramic

Ground Zero mosque would be a Muslim monument Re: "Repeal religious freedom at Ground Zero?" July 23 Building a mosque at Ground Zero is not a religious freedom issue because there are over 100 mosques in New York City, including 17 in Manhattan. It would be like issuing a permit to the Japanese to build a Shinto shrine at Pearl Harbor.

The proposed mosque, called the Cordoba House, is named after the first mosque Muslims built in Cordoba after they conquered Spain in 711. When Muslims launched their first attack on America's homeland, they destroyed our World Trade Center -- a monument to America's economic and financial leadership.

If they're allowed to build the Cordoba House two blocks from the WTC site, it will signal to the world's Muslims that their first attack on the U.S. was a success. It will also convey the unmistakable message that America is weak and has capitulated to Muslim demands. U.N. diplomats from Muslim countries will visit this mosque and realize that the U.S. is in denial about the Muslim jihad against the West.

George Heiidrich