In anticipation of Rep. John Boehner's swearing in as speaker of the House Wednesday, "The Late Show" host David Letterman had a few suggestions for "NBC Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams to consider when he interviews the speaker later this week. When speaking of the speaker's frequent tear-ups, Letterman said, "The guy [Boehner] will cry like he's on drugs." Letterman likened Boehner's crying to a time when he was prescribed Valium and sobbed while watching a McDonald's commercial. He continued to poke fun at Boehner by recommending that Williams inquire whether Boehner is experiencing any trauma in his life.

Williams, who is obviously feeling awkward about the Boehner bashing, laughed and told Letterman that's he's highly uncomfortable talking about the new speaker of the House.

Will Williams get Boehner to break down on his show? Tune in to find out. Portions of Williams' interview will air Thursday.