New internal documents from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that were leaked Monday reveal that the organization is highly critical of some Democratic candidates for Congress, including one that's too "pro-police" for national party officials.

The documents include notes about electoral demographics, fundraising and similar campaign information, but most notably include criticism of at least two of the party's own candidates going into Florida's Aug. 30 primary election.

In the state's 10th district, for example, where four Democrats are vying to replace Republican Rep. Daniel Webster, the DCCC papers single out one candidate: Bob Poe, who the documents note could be viewed as "anti-black lives matter/pro-police" and as "too conservative among other progressive Democrats."

Another document makes clear that the DCCC doesn't support former Democratic Rep. Joe Garcia in Florida's 26th district. The DCCC suggested that Garcia should be referred to as a "scandal plagued former congressman" whose candidacy serves as "a flashback to a corrupt line of politicians."

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The documents were posted to a Wordpress blog administered by "Guccifer 2.0," the hacker who allegedly penetrated both the DCCC and the Democratic National Committee, as well as other affiliated organizations.

As the official campaign arm for House Democrats, the DCCC is charged with building the party's ranks in Congress in the fall election, and while it sometimes plays favorites between party members during primary elections, it generally tries to avoid that appearance.

The papers were released just weeks after former DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced out of her role after other documents indicated that the DNC backed Hillary Clinton over Sen. Bernie Sanders.