Army Specialist Bradley E. Manning, suspected of leaking the largest volume of classified military documents in US history, was transferred from holding facility in Kuwait and is now being held in Quantico awaiting court martial, Army officials confirmed Friday.

Manning arrived late Thursday night from Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. He had been held there since May 29, on charges involving the release of a classified video showing a U.S. Apache helicopter strike in Baghdad that killed several people, including two Reuters reporters.

He was charged in early July with four counts of violating Army regulations and eight specifications for "violating federal statutes related to the receipt of classified information and wrongful access of a government computer," the Army said Friday.

Col. Tom Collins, Army spokesman at the Pentagon, told The Examiner that there is still an ongoing investigation into WikiLeaks release of the 90,000 plus documents and whether Manning is connected or not.

Manning's trial date is "anticipated for the beginning of August but it could be delayed," Col. Collins added.