The Lakers are old and lack defensive consistency. At least that's what Laker legend Jerry West thinks, and coach Phil Jackson doesn't disagree.

Two years ago, L.A. won the NBA title with Derek Fisher as the only player on the roster above the age of 30. Now 10 players on the team are 30 or older. But the stats don't support West's claim that the aging Lakers are struggling defensively.

In fact, the Lakers are allowing fewer points per game this season (96.4), than their previous two seasons (97.0 in 2009-10; 99.3 in 2008-09) in which they won the championship.

And they are tied for the best opponent field goal percentage (.438) in the Western Conference, and only the Hornets defend the 3-point line better.

But when you're the two-time defending NBA champions and own a 10.5-game lead in your division, maybe you need some motivation just a few weeks before the All-Star break.