Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer is joining the ranks of media figures evaluating the mental health of Donald Trump.

Except in this case, Krauthammer is an actual psychiatrist.

In a column Thursday for the Washington Post, Krauthammer said that the Republican nominee's need for approval is at a dangerous level for a presidential candidate.

"Of course we all try to protect our own dignity and command respect," he wrote. "But Trump's hypersensitivity and unedited, untempered Pavlovian responses are, shall we say, unusual in both ferocity and predictability. This is beyond narcissism. I used to think Trump was an 11-year-old, an undeveloped schoolyard bully. I was off by about 10 years."

In recent days, other journalists and commentators have become armchair psychiatrists have wondered if Donald Trump has a personality affliction, or whether he's "crazy."

On Friday, New York Times columnist David Brooks said Trump "displays the classic symptoms of medium-grade mania in more disturbing forms: inflated self-esteem, sleeplessness, impulsivity, aggression and a compulsion to offer advice on subjects he knows nothing about."

The diagnoses come after a series of controversies involving the candidate — like his suggestion that Russian cyberhackers should reveal any information they have on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, or his back-and-forth this week with the parent of a fallen soldier who has been critical of Trump's campaign.