Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer predicted that the Republican Party would most certainly collapse if Donald Trump is denied a presidential nomination at the convention in July.

In his latest column for the Washington Post, Krauthammer said if Trump does not lock up the nomination before the convention — he has the most delegates but needs a majority — it is possible the party will coalesce around an alternative and the billionaire's supporters will walk away, leaving the party in shambles.

"And if Trump loses out, a split is guaranteed," wrote Krauthammer. "In Trump's mind, he is a winner. Always. If he loses, it can only be because he was cheated. He constantly contends that he's being treated unfairly. He is certain to declare any convention process that leaves him without the nomination irredeemably unfair. No need to go third party. A simple walkout with perhaps a thousand followers behind will doom the party in November."

Trump has insisted that if he has the most delegates, even if it's less than half of those needed to win the nomination, he should be granted the nomination. But party rules allow delegates at a brokered convention to re-vote to elect a candidate who they believe to be most likely to beat the Democratic nominee in a general election.

The GOP convention begins on July 18.