When I first received this, I though it had to be one of the strangest mass emails I have ever received from a senator. I'm referring, of course, to the last part of this message from Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., with the subject line: "What Do You Think: Options for Egypt Crisis?"

Dear Friends, Following the fall of the government in Tunisia, Egypt may be in the throes of its own unscheduled change of government.  More problems are appearing in Jordan too.  Sitting at the center of the Arab World, Egypt will play a huge role, for good or ill, for prospects for peace in the Middle East. In 1979, Egypt turned away from the Soviet Union, embraced a peace treaty with Israel and became a friend of the United States.  While Egypt helped moderate many of the Middle East's troubles, its government under President Mubarak stagnated into a one-party state.  Now over 80 years old, President Mubarak is facing the toughest challenge to his rule. Things could now go either way.  Egypt could follow Poland, the Czech Republic or Georgia to foster a new democratic government with free and fair elections.  Conversely, Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood could take power, following the course of Iran's revolution, converting Egypt from a one-party state to a state-sponsor of terror. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK What should be our policy towards the unrest in Back the government Push the government to new elections Watch closely but do nothing Do not know I will let you know where I stand when I hear from you.

Now, that last line is misleading. It actually means is that if you click through to support one of the four options, you get a message with his view on the situation. And thank goodness -- this is probably not a good topic for polling the audience.