Dennis Rodman hopes to see a non-politician become president in 2016, but not just any non-politician.

The former NBA star, who has previously described North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un as his "friend for life," announced Friday on Twitter that his preferred presidential candidate in 2016 is billionaire businessman Donald Trump.

Rodman's stamp of approval makes him the first celebrity to back Trump's quest for the presidency. In late June, a Republican state representative in New Hampshire, Stephen Stepanek, announced his support of the leading GOP candidate and moved to join Trump's leadership team in the Granite State.

In 2013, Rodman grew close to the reality television host while competing as a contestant on his show, "The Celebrity Apprentice." However, the five-time NBA champion later found himself on the receiving end of Trump's famous "you're fired" line after spelling his wife's name incorrectly.