The rumors have been flying for a while that Katy Perry has been dating fellow musician John Mayer, but now it's starting to look official.

The pair were spotted out together for the first time at the Chateau Marmont Wednesday in Los Angeles.

And according to People magazine, the two have been chatting on the phone and going on a few dates, but definitely taking things slowly.

"I don't think either of them are trying for anything serious right now. She's not talking like he's 'The One,' " a People source said. "She's comfortable around guys who understand the craziness of that world, which he definitely does."

Katy, 27, was recently divorced from British comedian Russell Brand and briefly dated Florence + the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd.

John, 34, has pretty much dated everyone, said all the wrong things and has come off looking like a jerk the past few years. Yet somehow, he always seems to get the girl.

Why, Katy? Why?

Miley the victim of 'swatting' prank

Miley Cyrus' home was swarmed by Los Angeles police Wednesday night after a prankster called 911 reporting a shooting and kidnapping at her house.

Luckily, Miley wasn't home during the hoax, which authorities are saying isn't just a harmless prank.

According to E! News, this has all the makings of "swatting," a prank in which bogus calls are made in an attempt to get a SWAT team to invade someone's home.

Police say they responded to a call saying there was a kidnapping in progress and one person was shot at Miley's home.

Police, fire and rescue squads raced in, treating it as a possible home invasion.

E! says the rescue teams established a perimeter, drew their guns and approached the house, only to find it empty.

According to police, the caller faces arrest, criminal prosecution and civil penalties for abusing the 911 system.