Ohio Gov. John Kasich will make his decision about whether to pursue higher office public in Columbus, Ohio, Tuesday morning. But his political group, New Day for America, has already released a short film that displayed the message, "John Kasich President 2016."

"What are we going to do about America and how did we end up with 20 people running for president?" Kasich said with a laugh in the video.

The video goes on to make the case that the Republican Party needs another presidential candidate to enter the field, and focuses on Kasich's experiences in Congress and as governor of Ohio. It highlights the lessons he learned from his family.

"I don't think a good leader really reads polls or listens to focus groups or who yells the loudest," Kasich said. "A good leader has a sense, intuition, about what's just and what's fair for the people. And that's their obligation, their responsibility: to make sure they stand up for the folks."

Kasich likely hopes the timing of his announcement will garner the support of few more folks so that he will meet the polling threshold necessary to appear at the first GOP presidential debate next month. Kasich lags behind 11 other Republican presidential candidates, according to RealClearPolitics' average of polls.

He is scheduled to formally announce his plans in Columbus and will head to New Hampshire later on Tuesday, a state where he has already begun running televised ads. Another TV ad, this one focusing on Kasich's role in balancing the federal budget, is slated to hit airwaves in New Hampshire Tuesday.