Ohio Gov. John Kasich and his supporters unveiled new ads attacking Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in New York.

Kasich, the self-described "Prince of Light and Hope," launched an attack ad that claims Cruz, "sneered at our New York values." The barb is a reference to Cruz's consistent criticism of "New York values," which he has defined as socially liberal, pro-abortion, and pro-gay-marriage.

"Ted Cruz divides to get a vote. John Kasich unites to get things done," a narrator says in the ad. "Kasich delivered on his word and turned his state around with grit and determination, something New Yorkers should appreciate."

New Day for America, a super PAC supporting Kasich's presidential bid, also released a new ad slamming Cruz's denigration of 'New York values' that will air in New York and Pennsylvania.

"New Yorkers aren't stupid, Ted," a narrator says in the ad. "Now you come here and conveniently say you now love New York? Fugghedaboutit, Ted."

Kasich is mathematically eliminated from capturing the nomination outright and even trails someone no longer running for president in the total delegate count (Marco Rubio), according to RealClearPolitics' projection, but he is still campaigning in search of delegates to this summer's convention. The governor is campaigning in Brooklyn and the Bronx on Thursday.