Donald Trump might be unwilling to support Arizona Sen. John McCain's re-election bid, but Ohio Gov. John Kasich thinks McCain deserves a lifetime appointment to the Senate.

"Honestly, I don't even think they ought to have an election. They ought to tell McCain, as long as you want to be in the Senate, you can have it," Kasich told WGN radio. "He's just the greatest guy."

Kasich avoided talking about Trump, his former GOP primary rival. The Ohio governor said "you would have to be living in a cave to not know" his opinion about the GOP nominee, and spoke about the election in terms that seemed to imply Hillary Clinton's victory is inevitable.

"Hillary's nothing more than top-down, more bureaucracy, more government, and this is the 21st century — you can't run anything that way," Kasich said. "It is absolutely vital in my opinion that if she were to win that there is a big check on her, which involves the United States Senate and the United States House."

Kasich said he's traveling the country stumping for candidates he believes would thwart Clinton as president, including Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk, who's running for re-election.

The governor also paused from the election talk to complain that it's unfair that Major League Baseball doesn't forcibly spread its wealth around the league. Kasich, who campaigned for president as a limited government conservative, was disappointed the league's bureaucracy did not intervene into the personal finances of the individual clubs.

"These small market teams really can't compete because they don't have the television revenues and I think it's crazy," Kasich said, lamenting the Cincinnati Reds' awful season. "You look at the NBA and they spread the money out, you look at the NFL and every city's competitive. Baseball's in enough trouble. ... Why don't they just have Chicago, L.A., New York, Atlanta and just tell the rest of the country to forget it, don't play baseball?"