Ohio Gov. John Kasich accused Ted Cruz's presidential campaign of using inappropriate tactics to earn delegates in Michigan.

Donald Trump won the Michigan primary's popular vote last month, but the Texas senator finished slightly ahead of Kasich in second place. During a press conference in New York on Monday, Kasich suggested Cruz's team was behaving improperly in its hunt for delegates in the Great Lake State.

"I know that a couple [of] days ago in Michigan without really knowing any details that the Cruz campaign tried to strong-arm and bully people and they lost everything and we did extremely well," Kasich said. "You've got to go out and hunt delegates that's part of what this is about so everybody's been talking about who wins what thing, and I keep telling people it's about accumulating delegates."

Asked about what the Cruz campaign did, Kasich did not offer specifics. He continued to praise his own assessment of the 2016 race in his remarks to reporters.

"I ought to be in the media, I'd be such a great prognosticator because I've been right on everything. Well, let's not get carried away," Kasich said.

The governor will hold multiple town halls on Monday, and portions of his town halls will air in primetime on Fox News and CNN.