Ohio Gov. John Kasich blasted his Republican rivals as "not worthy" of the presidency on Tuesday without naming either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

Kasich delivered a speech about the "two paths" for America in New York City that criticized his political opponents for coarsening the political discourse.

"I've stood on a stage and watched with amazement as candidates wallowed in the mud, viciously attack one another, called each other liars and disparaged each other's character," Kasich said. "Those who continuously push that type of behavior are not worthy of the office they are seeking."

Kasich describes himself as the "Prince of Light and Hope," but his campaign appears to have engaged in the same behavior the governor disavowed. The Kasich campaign has recently waged war on "Lyin' Ted" Cruz.

On Monday, the governor claimed the Cruz campaign sought to bully Kasich supporters, but acknowledged that he was speaking "without really knowing any details" and would not offer specifics. On Tuesday, he asked Republican voters to bypass those who exploit the nation's anxiety while seeking attention.

"For those who are angry or afraid, I want to assure that there is another, better way to deal with this," Kasich said. "Some who feed off of the fears and the anger that is felt by some of us and exploit it feed their own insatiable desires for fame or attention that could drive America down into a ditch and not make us great again."

The governor has been mathematically eliminated from capturing the Republican nomination before the convention and trails former candidate Marco Rubio, who dropped out nearly a month ago, in the delegate count.

Kasich will campaign in Maryland on Wednesday before returning to New York later this week.