Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., took aim at the National Rifle Association Thursday, and accused the advocacy group of caring only about gun manufacturers.

"You can support the Second Amendment, that's fine, but we ought to be able to have reasonable rules to keep people safe in this country," Kaine said at a campaign stop in New Orleans.

The NRA, which is also one of GOP nominee Donald Trump's staunchest allies, only cares about boosting gun manufacturers' bottom line, he said, adding the pro-gun group also has Congress in its pocket.

Together, Congress and the NRA have worked successfully to block proposed gun-control laws, and by doing so they have sided against "a majority of Americans, a majority of gun owners, a majority of NRA members" who support such measures, Hillary Clinton's running mate said.

"What happens is the NRA goes to Congress and they say, you know, 'you've got to stick with us,'" he said. "The NRA doesn't even speak for members anymore. They're just a shill for gun manufacturers."

"And gun manufacturers have one goal: Sell as many, whenever, wherever, to whomever. That's their only goal," he added.

Kaine, a former mayor and governor, has not lost a race in the state of Virginia, which is also where the NRA is headquartered.

"The NRA, I know these guys, because they're headquartered in Virginia, and when I run, they run against me, every time," Kaine said. "And I'm 8-0 in races — they've never beaten me. Now, I could lose the next one, but if they were that strong, I would have lost one before now."

Kaine was awarded an "F" rating from the NRA in 2012.