It’s been a busy week at the intersection of business and government, and in case you didn’t follow it all, here’s a recap of the higlights:

  • There’s been plenty of friction this week between the business lobby and the White House. Here’s a liberal take on it from Dan Froomkin. My take: business is trying to walk too fine a line in going along with many big government programs and then objecting to over-regulation.
  • On Wednesday on the K Street page, I looked at the liquor industry, and the latest episode of regulatory robbery in that corner of the economy:
  • Congressmen in both parties are rallying behind alcohol legislation they say is needed to protect our youth from binge drinking and public drunkenness. They call it the CARE Act. Any time politicians start talking this way, it’s time to ask: “Who’s getting rich off of this regulation?” The answer in this case: beer, wine and liquor wholesalers.

  • And on Wall Street regulation, I blogged that Goldman will win once all the regs are written, and Chris Stirewalt notes that the big banks win, and you lose. He also links to a good New York Times piece on how the big banks are already navigating the new regulations.