Jumping over the White House fence is not free speech, a Washington, D.C., judge has ruled.

The ruling involves the case of Joseph Caputo, a Connecticut man who jumped over the White House fence draped in an American flag on Thanksgiving Day 2015 while the first family was inside. He asked the case to be dismissed based on an exercise in free speech.

According to reports, the D.C. judge ruled, "There is, after all, no First Amendment right to express one's self in a non-public area like the White House."

In a court filing about the jump, prosecutors said, "It was a serious and dangerous act that put multiple lives at risk, including the defendant's own."

Caputo argued, per court records, that he jumped over the fence with the "noble purpose" of "calling attention to various deficiencies in the Constitution."

His trial in D.C. is set for Sept. 12, and he is charged with a misdemeanor count of unlawfully entering restricted government grounds.