Sporting a new goatee, Jon Stewart openly mocked the left for getting "snookered" by the Andrew Breitbart video that led to the Shirley Sherrod fiasco.

Stewart: Andrew Breitbart, the guy who leaked the edited tape, may be the most honest person in this entire story. This is what he said five months ago.

(Video Clip) Andrew Breitbart: I want it to be in the history books of saying I took down the institutional Left.

Stewart: See, he didn't say, "I want to be in the history books as a paragon of honesty." He didn't say, "I'd like to be in the Museum of Broadcasting and be known by children around the world as Arnold B. Truthington of Accuracy Lane." No. He said, out loud, "I want to bring down the institutional Left." So, if you are on the institutional Left and you receive a package from him, watch the whole f**king tape!

H/T: Newsbusters