John McLaughlin, founder and host of the PBS television show "McLaughlin Group" died Tuesday at the age of 89.

The boisterous moderator had hosted the show for 34 consecutive years and never missed a taping until this week.

"As a former Jesuit priest, teacher, pundit and news host, John touched many lives," the show's producers wrote on Facebook. "For 34 years, 'The McLaughlin Group' informed millions of Americans. Now he has said bye bye for the last time, to rejoin his beloved dog, Oliver, in heaven. He will always be remembered."

McLaughlin made a name for himself in media and politics, known for his roundtable discussions with Washington pundits and insiders through the decades.

He was known for his loud interview style and affection for his dog, Oliver. He worked as a speechwriter for President Richard Nixon and had received a PhD from Columbia University.