Former United Nations ambassador John Bolton's super PAC will spend $700,000 for Republican Senate candidates in New Hampshire and Nevada.

The John Bolton super PAC will employ $350,000 of digital video ads for incumbent GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte and insurgent Nevada Congressman Joe Heck, individually. The ads focus on the issues of safety and security, and the preservation of American values. The videos will go live online Thursday but are viewable first below.

Ayotte, who drew the ire of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump on Tuesday, faces a competitive race against the state's sitting Democratic governor, Maggie Hassan, to keep her seat.

"We need a leader that's focused on protecting American values like Kelly Ayotte, she's a former prosecutor and attorney general who understands what military families face because she's part of one, too," a narrator says in one 30-second spot for Ayotte.

The ads for Heck play up his military experience, as he's a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

"We need Joe Heck, he's a military reservist and former first responder who represents the best of America," a narrator says in a 30-second ad for Heck.

Nevada and New Hampshire are sure to factor into Republicans' effort to keep their senate majority this fall.

The John Bolton super PAC plans to launch additional ad campaigns in the coming months and expects its initial ads to be viewed more than 10 million times across Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora and local news sites in the individual states.