Weird situation early in the Nats 6-4 win over the New York Mets on Friday. Apparently a gold Rawlings logo on the black glove of Mets pitcher Johan Santana was reflecting sunlight into Washington’s dugout. Now, the players didn’t complain about it. But manager Davey Johnson did. He spoke with crew chief Ted Barrett and asked that Santana put some blue tape over it.

“I was worried that when we got people on base that the reflection on that shiny gold thing on there could shine in their eyes,” Johnson said. “Because it was hitting me in mine. When the lights would hit that thing when [Santana] turned that glove in the wind-up and come out of it, it would reflect.”

That’s not technically allowed. A pitcher’s glove has to be one color – or close enough that the umpires will let it slide. Apparently in this case that wasn’t happening. And while it likely had nothing to do with Santana falling apart in the fourth inning, Johnson was persistent. Unless Santana planned on pitching a perfect game it was going to be an issue.

“I went to the umpire, I said ‘You know, we haven’t had anybody on base, but I wish you’d check that glove because I don’t think it conforms to the rules.’ It’s supposed to be one color or a similar color,” Johnson said. “And gold – shiny gold – is not a similar color. And I said ‘You can tell them it’s for me and that my players haven’t complained yet. I’m complaining.’ And he said ‘Well, I’ll tell him it’s from the players. But it’s little things like that that can bother me.”

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