Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal threatened to "lock up" protesters from the controversial Westboro Baptist Church if they demonstrate outside the funeral of the two women who died this week in a shooting at a Lafayette theater.

"If they come here to Louisiana, if they disrupt that funeral, we are going to lock them up," Jindal said Sunday on CBS's "Face the Nation."

Jindal put his presidential campaign on hold in the wake of a shooting Thursday that injured nine and claimed two lives in a local movie theater.

The Westboro Baptist Church has drawn near-universal criticism for its frequent protests at funerals — including those of American soldiers — that often focus on its anti-gay views.

"Let these families grieve," Jindal said. "Let them celebrate their loved ones lives in peace."

The Republican presidential candidate said the shooter's legal purchase of the gun he used in the shooting "never should have happened."

The shooter purchased his gun at a pawn shop in Alabama.

Thursday's shooting has reignited an often partisan debate over the strength of the nation's gun laws.