Former President Jimmy Carter, crushed in 1980 by Ronald Reagan who some compare Donald Trump, has come out strongly for Hillary Rodham Clinton, claiming in a Monday fundraiser that she can "beat Trump soundly."

Carter, a one-term Democratic president, wrote:

"During my 1976 presidential run, a young woman moved to Indianapolis to help turn out the Indiana vote for me. Forty years later, I will proudly cast my vote for that same woman to be the next President of the United States."

Carter had previously voiced support for Clinton, but his fundraiser was his biggest move for her. His email, headlined "Hillary needs us all," is below:

Hillary is going to need more than just my vote, though. She's got to keep building a campaign that can beat Trump soundly, and that takes resources. Chip in to get your own Team Hillary sticker and make sure her team raises $10 million by the FEC deadline on August 31st.

I've known Hillary for decades — and her record as a public servant is superb. In 1977, I appointed her to the board of the Legal Services Corporation (LSC), a nonprofit that provides legal assistance to Americans in need — she went on to become the first woman to chair the board. Over her tenure, funding for the LSC tripled, allowing the organization to expand legal aid to every congressional district, and handle 1.5 million cases for poor clients each year. As First Lady, Clinton continued to advocate for legal services funding.

That's a special thing about Hillary — when there's a job worth doing, she doesn't abandon it. Work she did decades ago, like founding Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families or helping start the Children's Health Insurance program, is still changing lives today. Her entire career has been a fight for progress, and as our president, she'll make sure we're on the cutting edge of civil rights, economic justice, climate change, and more. She is the only candidate prepared to take us into the future.

We owe it to ourselves to make her our next Commander-in-Chief. Donate now to make sure real American values are protected for generations to come:



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