The NFL Network never stops growing and expanding its programming.

NFL Media COO Brian Rolapp is fully aware that Redskins fans are ready for the season, and the network has already started to focus on Robert Griffin III. This is a big season for the network, and there have been some big changes.

How has the NFL Network expanded its roster of games this fall?

Rolapp » "Our 'Thursday Night Football' package, which was eight games in the past, has been expanded to 13 games, and we start Sept. 13 with the 185th meeting between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears. Having a live 'Thursday Night Football' package has always been the showcase event for the network, and the fact that we were able to add an additional six games to our schedule was a very big step for us."

Why add a new morning show?

Rolapp » "Everywhere you looked there were other TV and radio outlets talking about the NFL, and we felt that no one could cover the league better than we could. 'NFL AM' is on from 6 a.m to 10 a.m Monday through Friday and gives fans what they wanted. We offer the latest news with live interviews, plenty of entertaining guests and fantasy football talk. The show will air year-round, and we hope it will become destination programming for NFL fans. Thus far, we have only been on the air for a week, but we are very pleased with the early reviews."

Why has the RedZone Channel been such a success?

Rolapp »

"The RedZone Channel has been a success because you get all the touchdowns and great plays as they happen or just after they have occurred. Fans love the channel as a complement to watching their own game. They can flip back and forth and follow what is going on around the league while their team plays. Or they can watch the RedZone Channel and follow every game at once."

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