On Monday we learned that 2009 No. 1 overall pick Stephen Strasburg was the fourth most marketable player in Major League Baseball according to a survey done by SportsBusiness Daily.

Well, on Tuesday the publication put out their list of the “Most Marketable MLB Players under the age of 25” and it surprised no one that Strasburg was ranked at the top of the list — however at number five was the name of Bryce Harper, the top pick of the 2010 draft.

So of the SBD’s Top Five” most marketable players in baseball, the Nationals has two of them (though Harper has not yet been signed).

MLB's most marketable players under 25:1. Stephen Strasburg - Nationals2. Evan Longoria - Rays3. Jason Heyward - Braves4. David Price - Rays5. Bryce Harper – Nationals

The survey was distributed to corporate brand managers, marketing and branding executives, agencies and baseball media, who were asked to list — in order — the top five most marketable MLB players under the age of 25. Points were awarded on a five-point scale, with a player awarded five points for a first-place vote, four points for second place, etc.

Harper is expected to get the same hype that Strasburg received after signing with the Nationals and it's amazing that he would be ranked ahead of the likes of San Francisco's Pablo Sandoval, Pittsburgh's Andrew McCutchen and a couple of Orioles in Adam Jones and Matt Wieters.

According to SBD — much like Strasburg's spot at No. 4 in their MLB-wide survey — Harper's high rank among players under-25 shows perhaps a dearth of national marketing potential among the game's younger talent.

The Nationals drafted Harper last month, the team's second consecutive No.1 overall pick, and although the 17-year-old has yet to play a game as a professional, the hype makes him relevant to Madison Avenue.

"In the context of how aware baseball fans, and by extension consumers, are of the next generation of players, I think there has been a certain amount of focus on [Harper] for a while," said IMG Global Consulting Managing Dir, Senior VP & Head David Abrutyn. "It’s not unlike a player who has come up through the college basketball ranks that people look at, or someone who developed in college football, who has been on the consumer and fan radar screen as someone to watch. He certainly fits that category, so if he’s able to realize the potential -- as Strasburg has -- you’d expect the built-in awareness of who he is will then lead to the ability to realize success in the off-field arena."

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