Is it me or has the BCS Championship game between Oregon and Auburn taken forever to get here?

Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit will call Monday night's game with reporters Erin Andrews and Tom Rinaldi on ESPN and ESPN3.

For Musburger and Herbstreit, it will be their fourth straight BCS Championship game -- two on ESPN radio, one on ABC and now the first-ever ESPN broadcast.

I spoke to Herbstreit about the BCS Championship as well as a number of other college football issues:

Herbstreit on Auburn » There is no doubt that Cam Newton is the star of this football team, but he is far from the only talented player on the team. Newton's ability to make plays is a huge factor in the team's success but so are talented running backs Michael Dyer and Onterrio McCalebb. So if I am Oregon, I try to stop the run and force Newton to pass. But that forces the Ducks defensive backs to go one on one with the Tigers' talented receivers. I love the great line from the from Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti about preparing for Newton: "I've been sleeping like a baby. I wake up every two hours and cry."

Herbstreit on Oregon » They have a strong up-tempo offense that scores in bunches and quickly. They snap the ball every 15 to 17 seconds and the average Oregon scoring drive this season is less than two minutes, and that is astounding. One wonders if by the fourth quarter if the Auburn defense will be able to keep up with them. Auburn will have to try to slow down LaMichael James. He is the most explosive back in college football. In my mind this is really going to be a wide-open game and very entertaining.

Herbstreit on college football » I think that TCU and Stanford have been two of the many great stories of the year. I will tell you, watching TCU -- you have to be impressed with that great program. ... I also think that Michigan is one of the premier jobs in the country and I am sure they will find a top candidate.

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