Welcome to 2010 NBA free agency: an offseason unlike any other.

Never before has there been a free agent summit, where players come together to discuss their future plans with each other.

Never before have teams spent years of futility focusing solely on acquiring expiring contracts.

Never before has the NBA Finals between the two most-storied franchises taken a back seat to the anticipation of a superstar's looming free agency.

Never before have media spent years speculating where a future free agent would land.

Never before have there been so many contradictory stories with "sources close to the situation."

Never before have multiple Web sites had a clock counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until a player hits the open market.

Never before has ESPN.com had a free agent slot machine: Spin to see where NBA experts think the top free agents will land.

Never before has a New York mayor created a video to campaign for the acquisition of an NBA player.

Never before has the Chicago fanbase raised money to put up a billboard expressing their desire for a Cleveland athlete.

Never before has the ability to buy stock in Madison Square Garden been used as a negotiating ploy.

Never before has the Cleveland area devoted a day of appreciation to their superstar in hopes he won't leave when he hits free agency.

Never before has one summer affected the next 10 NBA championships.

And there will never be another offseason like this one.

Jeffrey Tomik is the assistant sports editor for the Washington Examiner. Reach him at jtomik@washingtonexaminer.com.