Jeb Bush's connection to the Hispanic community is hardly a secret.

The former Florida governor is married to a Mexican-American and hails from heavily Cuban Miami. The Republican speaks fluent Spanish and has shown throughout his political career a sensitivity to the concerns of Hispanic voters. But in his first interview with a Spanish language television network since announcing for president last month, Bush revealed during an interview conducted entirely in Spanish the extent to which his personal life has been influence by Hispanic culture.

Following is a portion of the transcript from Bush's interview with host Jose Diaz-Balart, translated into English:

Díaz-Balart: Governor, I want to start with your personal life, you have been married for over 40 years with Columba Bush, born in Guanajuato, Leon. How Hispanic is your family?

Bush: We are very Hispanic in the sense that we speak Spanish at home. Columba is very Mexican. She is proud of her U.S. citizenship, naturally, but we eat Mexican food at home. Our children are Hispanic in many aspects and we don't talk about that. But yes, the Hispanic influence in my family is something quite important in my life.

Díaz-Balart: Do you speak Spanish at home?

Bush: Yes, yes. Especially when my first lady is mad at me, and I listen to her in Spanish with that happens.

Díaz-Balart: And I assume you hear words that are mostly spoken in Mexico.

Bush: That is so. That is so. Yes, that is so. Whenever there are emotions, we all go back to our roots, right?